Jazzclub Schwalbach
in der Kulturkreis Schwalbach am Taunus GmbH

Hier können sie einen Eintrag in unser Gästebuch machen


David Gilbert
24.07.2022 18:29:27
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Alessandro Di Virgilio
05.04.2022 13:30:04
Good morning,

I'm Alessandro Di Virgilio, from the Italian gipsy jazz trio Accordi Disaccordi!

We’ll come in Germany on September 2022 (from 19th to 24th) and we’ll be happy to play in your venue.

We played all around the world and in almost ten years we have performed in more than 3.000 concerts across the world, including Italy, USA, Australia, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Morocco, France, Switzerland, UK, Greece, and Turkey;
We currently collaborate with Umbria Jazz, Cidim, BlueNote Milano and many Italian Institute of Culture from all over the world.

We play gipsy jazz music since 2012. We are promoting our latest album “Decanter” with a show that combines a unique mix of original tracks and storytelling moments, which always creates beautiful interactions with the audience.
You can find our youtube playlist with some of our videos:


We hope we can collaborate together.
For any information, do not hesitate to contact me;

Thank you and have a good day

Alessandro Di Virgilio
Accordi Disaccordi
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